A new paradigm for industry

A game changer effect is arrived. We help your organization to adapt new rules of industry.

Game Changer for Industry

A true revolution is happening and manufacturers have to evolve the digitization and interconnection of products and services. Veslabs helps you to reinvent your business models, the way you operate and produce.

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Asset Tracking & Route Optimization

Asset tracking solution can be implemented in various ways including employee tracking, machinary tracking, forklift tracking or milk-run vehicles tracking. Although, there are different areas to be used for, the main idea is to increase efficiency and security from visibility. Knowing in real-time the quantity, location and condition of all your essential assets and the best route to get them saves money & time for your organization. Bluetooth based RTLS technology provides the lowest cost-of-ownership in the industry by improving installation ease, visibility, scalability and performance. Algorithms that are applied within location information can result best route decisions to reach and move your assets.

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Industrial Apps Development

At Veslabs, we believe that the power of mobile apps can leverage productivity and high quality in industrial zones such as factories. When we think about variety of fields at factories we see that there is a huge potential for improvements that can be achieved easily using mobile phones. Industrial apps can help streamline your business operation by connecting your employees, machines, and establish a center for paperless digital communication throughout your organization. We guide your digital transformation projects and improve operations with custom industrial apps.

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Stock Management

We help your organization to track and control the inventory in real-time with weight based sensing.The modular StockSense inventory management system offers maximum supply security for small parts, reduces inventory levels in production to a minimum while at the same time minimising stock value. The solution will provide various advantages as automated order triggering; real-time visible inventory information, accurate planning, optimal warehouse utilisation, easy integration into existing systems, sustainable production process and less capital commitment for stock.