Enhancing businesses by enabling cloud technologies

Veslabs Managed Services helps your organization to adopt and migrate to Cloud based services.

Cloud computing services are changing how businesses use information technology. Veslabs provides cloud based software as a service and guide your journey, helping you understand where to use Cloud based technology and how to prepare your strategy.

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Cloud Integration

Software as a Service applications offer convenience and ease of use while shifting the burden of maintenance and upgrades to the provider. The trade-off, however, is that users have much less visibility and control over their SaaS applications, especially when it comes to integration. Cloud integration solutions should include rich monitoring capabilities in order to provide the visibility and control over information flows. We integrate cloud and on premise technologies through a number of integration techniques, but more importantly, assist in designing and implementing an enterprise wide integration architecture based on industry standards.

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Cloud Applications

Applications specifically developed to run on cloud platforms are rapidly replacing on-premise applications. Cloud applications allow you to rapidly and securely scale your solution as your user base grows. We help to your organization in assessing your on premise application portfolio and developing cloud based applications to replace old style software that is hard to maintain and is of limited usability due to lack of integration with other enterprise systems. We have designed and developed cloud applications across different industries including logistics, events, energy, exhibitions and manufacturing.