Manage your big data for big gains

Our expertise in big data management and analytics gets you beyond your imagination

NoSQL based solutions have proved to be effective alternatives to traditional databases. Combined with Cloud computing technologies, you can explore potential to build incredibly scalable and performant big data solutions at a greatly reduced cost. Veslabs provides advanced visualization tools and big data analytics that empower organizations to easily prepare, model, visualize and explore data sets stored in NoSQL databases such as MongoDB.

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Data Visualization

We create customer powerful visual user interface for reporting and manipulating data within NoSQL databases, as well as integrating with reference data from other sources. Applications that need huge amount of real-time data and needs to update dashboard based on latest data are good fit to be implemented as a NoSQL solution.

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Big Data Analytics

NoSQL databases take a different approach to solve big data issues. NoSQL databases are quick enough and scalable enough to store big data in volume. Veslabs helps you make full use of your data coming from distributed architectures and extract actionable insights from collected data. The data integration and business analytics platforms created by Veslabs enables IT and business users easily explore data in NoSQL databases.

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Predictive Analytics

Veslabs simplifies the end-to-end NoSQL data lifecycle by providing a complete platform from data preparation to predictive analytics using advanced statistical algorithms such as classification, regression, clustering and association rules.