StockSense Inventory management solution

Track and control the inventory in real-time with weight based sensing

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Industry standart weight-based sensing technology linked with cloud based software delivers absolute accountability at the item level with amazing ease-of-use. StockSense quickly and accurately calculates the number of items taken, returned, or restocked, with no repackaging or tagging needed.

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Inventory management solution

Manufacturing industry can benefit from StockSense solution. Weighing components can be tailored to any application to simplify and improve inventory management. In the warehouse, factory or any environment, weighing sensors can be integrated into the shelves and digitally communicate weight to the software.

There are various application areas of Stocksense such as •Fasteners • Fittings • Welding Supplies • Cutting Tools Spare/Critical Parts • Electrical Connectors and Terminals Sensors • Safety Equipment • Bearings • Abrasives Switches • Tool Return Verification • Nuts, Bolts, Rivets Consumables • Valves • Bin Stock

Let’s see the key features of StockSense as •The quantity in every bin can then be checked remotely anytime• Modular to apply for any type of environment • Provides the quantity, number and ordering information for the item can be obtained at bin level• Minimal calibration maintenance • Custom configurations for different needs